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I don’t know why but this made me laugh out loud.

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So this is what playoff baseball is like…

Go Blue!

Revisiting one of my favorites so far this year for brew&tunes. @noahgundersen Ledges & @redhook_brewery Audible Ale!

Streaming!! Perfect for this fall weather in Denver!

I’m surprised by how much this band has grown on me the past few years. Their first album was amazing and I’m really liking everything I’m hearing off this one so far. Comes out in a week!


Okay look I know I’ve freaked out at you guys before about Josh Ritter but I JUST NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT WHY YOU SHOULD BE INTO THIS SONG OKAY?

  • Love in a nuclear missile silo
  • Nerdy mathed-up sex metaphors
  • Also nuclear fission metaphors like whaaaaat
  • As one of the YouTube comments eloquently put it, “science fiction folk music” YES GOOD
  • Every time I listen to this there’s a new layer in it that I hadn’t quite seen before
  • This man is seriously my favorite modern poet god how is he so fucking amazing

Look at these goddamn lyrics:

Oh Marie if you would stay then we could stick pins in the map 
Of all the places where you thought that love would be found 
But I would only need one pin to show where my love’s at 
In a top-secret location three hundred feet under the ground

Oh, we could hold each other close and stay up every night 
Looking up into the dark like it’s the night sky 
Pretend this giant missile is an old oak tree instead 
And carve your name in hearts into the warhead

I would also like to heartily recommend to you this song that’s a love story between a scientist and a reanimated mummy, and this one that’s about an Arctic exploration party but is really basically the love story of a man and his ship. (The one with the boat literally makes me weep like a child.)


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Cooked this for dinner while shirtless, listening to George Strait, and watching the Dallas Cowboys…’Merica!!


It’s a long way from Miami to LA
It’s a longer way from yesterday
To where I am today

It’s a long way from my thoughts
To what I’ll say
It’s a long, long way from paradise
To where I am today

Someday I’ll see home.


- Switchfoot (via mikaylaneels)

I don’t care if I already posted this. If you’re not listening to this song every Saturday until the snow flies, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Make it happen. Killer killer track!

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No one has.

Own this BCV original.


Hey ya’ll…dont hate.

Trees turning outside my window.

My Favorites So Far…

Albums I’ve loved so far in 2014…

Ark Life / The Dream of You and Me

Black English / El Prado

Bleachers / Strange Desire

Counting Crows / Somewhere Under Wonderland

Desert Noises / 27 Ways

Hiss Golden Messenger / Lateness of Dancers

Hollow Wood / Seasons EP

John Mark McMillan / Borderland

Manchester Orchestra / Cope & Hope

Max Garcia Conover / Ellery

Needtobreathe / RIvers in The Wasteland

Noah Gundersen / Ledges

Owl John / Owl John

Parker Millsap / Parker Millsap

Run River North / Run River North

Strand Of Oaks / HEAL

The Tree Ring / Ten Rivers

Twin Forks / Twin Forks

The War On Drugs / Lost In The Dream

Weatherbox / Flies in All Directions

Still coming…

Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness / Andrew McMahon in The WIlderness

Ben Howard / I Forgot Where We Were

Field Report / Marigolden